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George Soros Asset Agnes Callamard Attacks President Duterte with an “Academic Visit”

George Soros asset sneaked past the non-existent anti-Deep State security system of the Duterte government over the weekend, and made a scathing, on location indictment about Duterte’s war on narcopolitics, with full coverage of the media. Her local facilitators were able to organize a forum which provided the stage for Callamard to launch her undiplomatic intervention into Philippine domestic affairs.
It must be remembered that Agnes Callamard was invited by the Duterte government to a public debate with regards to the latter’s war on narcopolitics, so that the real facts and figures of the alleged “extrajudicial killings” could be properly discussed.

Callamard ignored this request, and instead sneaked into the country without prior knowledge of the government, in violation of established UN protocols.

In a statement, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella maintained that the Philippine government was not informed about the scheduled visit of Callamard, the UN investigator on extrajudicial killings, to the country.

“Ms. Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur, has issued a statement rejecting [my]claim that the Philippine government had not been informed in advance of her trip to take part in a conference, and that such was not an official visit,” Abella said on Saturday.
“We stand by our statement [that she did not inform the Philippine government of her visit],” the Palace official added.

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